Ssh Telnet Client Putty Benzeri Programlar (1 İzleyici)

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  • Windows Terminal 1.15.3466.0

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    Terminal emulator software: Officially-released development terminal integrating command prompt, PowerShell and WSL, a tabbed layout with powerful customization options.

  • KiTTY

    KiTTY Icon

    Code compiler program: A fork of PuTTY with several new and requested features.

  • SuperPuTTY 1.4.10

    SuperPuTTY Icon

    Putty interface software: User interface extension for the SSH and telnet client PuTTY.

  • SecureCRT

    SecureCRT Icon

    SSH client software: Terminal emulator for professional users with a range of protocols including rlogin, SSH, Telnet and possibility of secure transfers.

  • Xshell Free 7.0.0114

    Xshell Free Icon

    Telnet client software: A feature-packed SSH and Telnet client with SFTP, RLOGIN support.

  • Alacritty 0.11.0

    Alacritty Icon

    Terminal emulator app: Fast and cross-platform OpenGL terminal emulator.

  • Tabby 1.0.187

    Tabby Icon

    Terminal emulator software: Attractive terminal emulator, PowerShell interface and SSH/Telnet client that's fully customizable packed with included themes and many configuration options.

  • Cmder 1.3.20

    Cmder Icon

    Console emulator app: Powerful terminal emulation and shell for Windows which extends bash features, console tools and remote system access.

  • PuTTY 0.78

    PuTTY Icon

    Telnet client program: Highly flexible SSH client with Xterm terminal emulation and support for Rlogin, SFTP, Telnet and Serial connections.

  • Bitvise SSH Client 9.25

    Bitvise SSH Client Icon

    SSH client app: A fast and feature-rich SSH client with support for telnet, FTP, FTPS, secure connections, file transfers and TCP/IP tunneling.

  • Tera Term 4.106

    Tera Term Icon

    Terminal emulator software: Free and open source terminal emulation with support for SSH, Telnet, Cygwin and SSH SCP file transfers and key generation.

  • SSH Tunnel Client

    SSH Tunnel Client Icon

    SSH client software: App which can connect to secure SSH servers instead of telnet.

  • TN3270 Plus 3.7

    TN3270 Plus Icon

    Terminal emulator software: 3270, 5250, VT100, VT220 and ANSI emulation..

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